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In the Southern region, you'd earn the least in Louisiana and most in Washington, D. Lawyers just starting their careers may earn higher beginning salaries in the same industries in which experienced lawyers earn more.

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As an entry-level lawyer, you may also earn a higher starting salary in either the petroleum or cable subscription industries. You'd also likely earn more working for a large law firm, which has higher revenues to support your higher salary. The BLS predicts a percent increase in jobs for lawyers from to , which is statistically about average compared to the percent growth rate for all occupations.

More accountants and paralegals are performing similar tasks of lawyers, including processing documents and counseling, which may slow growth for lawyers to some extent.

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The federal government will need lawyers to prosecute cases and collect debts. For example, the Secretary of the State will assign only 10 points to your record if you get a conviction for driving from 11 to 14 mph above the speed limit.

Moreover, Illinois law has way more harsh laws for young drivers. Next, the Secretary of the State determines how long this period of suspension will be based on the number of points that you have in your driving record. First, if you have from 15 to 44 points, the it will suspend your license for 2 months. Second, if you have from 45 to 74 points, the Secretary will suspend your license for 3 months. Third, if you have from 75 to 89 points, it will suspend your license for 6 months.

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Fourth, if you have from 90 to 99 points it will suspend your license for 9 months. Finally, it will suspend your license for 12 months, if you have more or more points on your driving record. First, auto insurance companies determine rates and premiums base on several factors.

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Of course, they will look at your driving record. As a result, if you got a ticket for Disobeying Traffic Control Device, that will show up on your driving record and an insurance company will see it.


Thus, this insurance company will increase the price for your insurance. In particular, Illinois law excuses drivers from obeying official traffic-control devices that a driver cannot see from his or her car! In fact, a non-legal degree can often help make a potential lawyer more competitive in the graduate law school pool because they can have a broader knowledge base that can be honed during law school. Typically, law school takes three years.

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The first half is devoted to general law classes, and the last half is when the future lawyer can specialize in a certain type of law. Law schools that offer hands-on experience in the courtroom give students a more competitive edge in the job market.

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After law school, a lawyer must pass the state bar exam before practicing, though requirements here vary from one state to the next. First, criminal lawyers must pass the state bar exam and get licensed to practice law in that state. In most states, an ethics exam is also required. Once a lawyer is licensed, he or she will most likely start out with a lower-level job at an established law firm.