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Asurint offers a selection of Social Security Number-based solutions and service offerings to enhance search packages for employers. From pre-hire to post-hire, these social security number solutions help validate candidate information using various methods based on your specific SSN needs. Social Security Number Searches Asurint offers a selection of Social Security Number-based solutions and service offerings to enhance search packages for employers.

The addresses are used to focus the criminal search method by supplying the most efficient and effective search path based on the results of the address search.

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In this process, names are used to narrow or expand the recommended searches reported by supplying alias name information, such as maiden names. I-9 We partner with Form I-9 Compliance to offer a fully automated web-based system to help with the completion, signature, storage and tracking of I-9 forms.

Our teams work together to offer you a completely paperless I-9 process. We approach this service offering the same as any other process. We start with understanding your procedures and pain points and then work with you to identify areas to streamline work and fill compliance gaps.

Criminal Background Check Services

We work alongside the Form I-9 Compliance team to onboard, track, monitor compliance updates and support our clients throughout their search needs. The search must be conducted post-hire, within three days of the employee's start date.

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Because of these factors, criminal background searches work based on name, fingerprint, or other identifying information—such as date of birth. What an SSN background check can do is provide additional identifying information that can be useful for the vetting process. It also verifies the state and date of issuance for the SSN in question. This kind of check can send up red flags if the candidate has committed or is committing identity theft.

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Second, having a list of aliases or alternate names can be useful for conducting a thorough criminal background check. Since criminal records are associated with names, someone can change their name to attempt to avoid being flagged by a background check.

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  6. Finally, address histories can be extremely helpful in widening the scope of a background check. By telling you where a candidate has lived in the past, an SSN background check can tell you where to order additional county searches.

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    This strategy is often an effective and efficient way for an employer to expand the scope of a background check beyond local jurisdictions. With more locales putting a spotlight on housing availability and the way that landlords operate, new rules and regulations are increasingly common.

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