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The Indiana Code classifies crimes into different categories based on the seriousness of the offense.

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Generally, less serious crimes are called misdemeanors. These crimes are further classified into three classes:. Indiana classifies more serious criminal offenses as felonies.

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These are often violent crimes that inflict physical harm or serious financial harm on victims. The range of penalties for felonies is usually far more severe than misdemeanors, entailing multiple years of imprisonment and hefty fines. Indiana classifies felonies into seven categories:.

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Regardless of whether the offense you are charged with is a misdemeanor or a felony, you need an attorney who will ensure that your rights are protected. Any criminal conviction will result in a sentence that will greatly impact your life.

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  6. Additionally, the long-term consequences of having a criminal record may haunt you for the rest of your life in terms of future employment, housing, and community relationships. Having an experienced attorney by your side greatly increases your chances for a positive outcome to your case.

    Levels of Punishment for Crimes in Indiana

    Every case is unique with its own set of challenges, so if you want to speak with a compassionate and highly skilled criminal defense attorney , call Hessler Law, PC at for a free and confidential case evaluation. Legal Blog. What is a Misdemeanor?

    Indiana Offense Levels

    Examples of these crimes include domestic battery, battery that results in bodily injury, welfare and insurance fraud, resisting law enforcement, intimidation, and public indecency. Common Class B misdemeanors include simple disorderly conduct, harassment, and unlawful gambling.

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    Examples include failure to respond to a court-issued summons, panhandling, possession of drug paraphernalia, and operating a motorboat while intoxicated. Amended by Acts , P. However, the court shall enter a judgment of conviction of a Class D felony for a crime committed before July 1, or a Level 6 felony for a crime committed after June 30, if: 1 the court finds that: A the person has committed a prior, unrelated felony for which judgment was entered as a conviction of a Class A misdemeanor; and B the prior felony was committed less than three 3 years before the second felony was committed; 2 the offense is domestic battery as a Class D felony for a crime committed before July 1, or a Level 6 felony for a crime committed after June 30, under IC Share this law:.

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