Where to find feedburner id

It was so easy. Thank you now I have this problem solved!

How to find your Feedburner Feed ID

How can I make some money with my blog? Can you RSS me some tips?

Thank you for your time. I dont know my feedburner ID to transfer it over to Google. Can you help me with this? Affiliateblog is not okay.

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  4. Integrate Feedburner With WordPress And Take Control Of Your RSS Feed.

Any way the URL looks like this:. I have the same issue as Being Green.

Following in your instructions within the Google version of Feedburner yields this code:. Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner. Place your feed address in the form blank, hit enter, it gives you options as to what to name your feed it takes the title of your blog, but you can shorten that if you want and hit enter again and it gives you the new link.

Cara Mendapatkan ID Feedburner

I just burned a feed, enabled the email subscription and the is no feedburner ID number. Any ideas on how I can get that ID number? Thank you very much for solving my problem. Then, just activate it. OK, this IS sort of an elementary tutorial, I know.


For some reason the feedburner plugin doesnt show the Email Subscription link in the sidebar. The sidebar contains the code, but nothing is showing. I activated the email subscription in Feedburner. Corvida Yeah, I agree. Thanks for this post. I would have searched for a long time for this — never would have thought to look in the address bar.


I have about 25 or so blogs listed under my one main sign in.. It turned out to be easy, just take a look at the code for the subscription link and it is there. The feedburner ID is these days indeed apparently the last part of what feedburner shows as the. To get there, go to feedburner. Even after i activate my email subscrition.

Best Free Feedburner Email Subscription Form Plugins for WordPress

Is it i use true id? A drawback with this is that the theme cannot be personalized, even though it has a good pre-existing theme. If you want to be active and not indirect or passive in approaching subscribers, a pop-up usually works better and gives way more to subscribers. This plugin is ideal for this approach. Here you need to enter your Feedburner ID, and while you are at it you can personalize it using the many design options like the popup text and background color.

You can also pre-set a timing for the popup to load. In case you have a visitor who has visited the site again you can also set the number of times this visitor will see your pop up.

Why FeedBurner is Important for Bloggers?

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