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Instead, you will have to determine your ideal net worth — where you want to be in the near-term and long-term future.

If you have no idea where to start, some people find the following formula helpful in determining a "target" net worth:. This does not mean that all year-olds should have this same net worth.

Money isn't everything, but people sure do care a lot about it

The formula can be used simply as a starting point. Your ideal net worth may be much more or much less than the amount indicated by the guideline, depending on your lifestyle and goals. When you see financial trends in black and white on your net worth statements, you are forced to confront the realities of where you stand financially. This can give you encouragement when you are heading in the right direction i.

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Getting on track requires you some fo the following below:. Knowing your net worth is important because it can help you identify areas where you spend too much money. Just because you can afford something doesn't mean you have to buy it. To keep debt from accumulating unnecessarily, consider if something is a need or a want before you make a purchase. To reduce unnecessary spending and debt, your needs should represent the majority of spending.

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Keep in mind that you can falsely rationalize a want as a need. Reviewing your assets and liabilities can help you develop a plan for paying down debt.

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You may find that using the cash to pay off the credit card debt makes sense in the long run. When in doubt, crunch the numbers to see if it makes financial sense to pay down a certain debt, taking into consideration the impact of no longer having access to that cash which you might need for emergencies.

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Your net worth figures can motivate you to save and invest money. If your net worth statement shows that you are on track to meet your financial goals, it can encourage you to continue what you're doing. Conversely, if your net worth indicates room for improvement for example, over time you have dwindling assets and burgeoning liabilities , it can provide a needed spark of motivation to take a more aggressive approach to saving and investing your money. Regardless of your financial situation, knowing your net worth can help you evaluate your current financial health and plan for your financial future.

By knowing where you stand financially, you will be more mindful of your financial activities, better prepared to make sound financial decisions and more likely to achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals. If you want to save some time in tracking your net worth, use our free Net Worth Tracker , which allows you to calculate, analyze and record your net worth for free.

Wealth Management. Retirement Planning. You may not know exactly how much all your assets are worth, or how that value is going to change, but you can get an estimated figure. Try not to leave any assets out. Remember, here are your main asset classes:. The less money you spend, the more you can accumulate in net worth. If you haven't done a budget review lately, look at your current expenses and see if there are places that you can cut back. That includes bigger things, such as getting rid of one of your vehicles if you have multiple car payments, to smaller things, such as skipping lunches out or canceling subscriptions for magazines you don't read.

How to Calculate Your Personal Net Worth – Definition & Calculations

Remember, even a few dollars here and there can add up to a lot of money throughout the course of a year and longer. Consider paying off your mortgage and get the biggest lump sum off your books.

Making biweekly payments is a good way to accelerate your mortgage payoff. Just remember to consult your lender to determine whether a prepayment penalty will apply. This penalty can be steep, depending on how much of your mortgage balance is paid off ahead of schedule. Take a look at things like your insurance and healthcare premiums each year. Compare interest rates and see if any of these annual costs can be trimmed or eliminated altogether. Income investing is a great way to increase your net worth—if done right. Increasing your net worth isn't about doing one thing or another; it's about using a strategy that's designed to address all of the areas of your financial plan.

The resulting number is your net worth. Emma, meanwhile, is 25 years old and rents an apartment. This is usually the result of a young earner with a substantial amount of student loan debt and also a loan on a rapidly depreciating automobile. Why is your net worth negative? Every time you make one of those debts smaller or one of those assets grows more valuable, your net worth will increase.

So, you can increase your net worth by paying off your debts, saving and investing money, and reducing your spending. Whenever you buy something frivolous, your net worth goes down. I find it useful to calculate my net worth every month. I use the excess to pay down debts or increase personal savings. Getting Started. I receive lots of emails like this one, from Edward, asking about how to calculate net worth: I love your site.