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The analysis of AuAu data is based on azimuthal correlation functions between charged hadrons in the 1. The mean jet fragmentation transverse momentum is centrality independent and consistent with the value in pp data mentioned above. A strong broadening with the centrality of the extracted mean partonic transverse momentum multiplied by is observed. This is an important finding because hadronic jet quenching through energy loss is expected to be accompanied by a broadening effect.

This was also expected to accompany the jet quenching found at higher pT based on simple energy conservation considerations. Schnase, John L.

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Our technological response to this expanding role is built around the concept of a Virtual Climate Data Server v CDS , repetitive provisioning, image-based deployment and distribution, and virtualization-as-a-service. Once provisioned into one or more of these virtualized resource classes, v CDSs can use iRODS s federation capabilities to create an integrated ecosystem of managed collections that is scalable and adaptable to changing resource requirements. This approach enables platform- or software-asa- service deployment of v CDS and allows the NCCS to offer virtualization-as-a-service: a capacity to respond in an agile way to new customer requests for data services.

A limit on nuclear jT broadening in the Au nucleus is also obtained, showing that nuclear jT is consistent with zero to within 0.

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The present status of the RdAu measurement from jets is also described. The nuclear kT broadening, in particular, is a measurement which has been done at this energy for the first time at RHIC.

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Search for first generation scalar leptoquarks in proton- antiproton collisions at a center of mass energy of 1. Data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of about pb-1 were studied. The number of candidate events in both channels is consistent with the expected yield from Standard Model processes.

The mT spectra of these particles are well described by a double exponential function which can be understood by two component models: soft thermal hadron production at low mT and hard hadron production at high mT. The magnitude of the enhancement is in the same order as the SPS measurement. The mechanism based on initial hadron or parton multiple scattering is not sufficient to explain this particle type dependence. The search for the production of four top quarks decaying in the dileptonic channel in proton-proton collisions at the LHC is presented.

A boosted decision tree algorithm is used to select signal and suppress background events. Upper limits on dileptonic four top quark production of A combination is then performed with a parallel analysis of the single lepton channel to extend the reach of the search. The Quark Gluon Plasma QGP is a form of matter in which quarks and gluons are deconfined, and was suggested to be formed in high-energy heavy-ion collisions.


A long-range correlation in pseudorapidity the "Ridge" was studied with statistical significance out to ptrig. Preliminary results seem to indicate that the ridge yield decreases with ptrig. No other RHIC experiment has a muon detection capability. Among the many physics topics explored by the observation of muons in Au-Au collisions are the effects of Debye screening on vector meson production, and the search for an enhancement in strangeness and heavy flavor production.

In the collisions of polarized protons, the muon arms can explore the polarization of quarks and gluons in the proton through W boson production, the Drell-Yan process, and open heavy flavor production.

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The muon detector system covers the rapidity range The south muon arm was completed in for the second RHIC running period. The performance of the muon spectrometer during its first data taking period will be discussed. The measured value is in good agreement with the color evaporation model and QCD predictions.

Based on the thermionic emission theory, the ideality factor and Schottky barrier height were calculated to decrease and increase from 3. Center Size and Center Performance. Examined the impact of child care center size on cost, quality, and profits per child. Examined centers ranging from 40 to 80 children and found total cost and revenue per child were similar for small, medium, and large centers.


Found profits per child were highest in large centers and that there was no relationship between center quality and…. Saturn V Dedication. A replica of the Saturn V rocket that propelled man from the confines of Earth's gravity to the surface of the Moon was built on the grounds of the U.

Wernher von Braun were responsible for the design and development of the Saturn V rocket. Space and Rocket Center Mike Wing during the dedication ceremony. The results represent first measurements of these interactions. No significant resonant structure is observed in the measured energy dependence of the cross section. Kozyrev, E. Liu, C. Shepherd, M. Wang Yadi, Y. Center for Adaptive Optics Center. See DOI: Detonation nanodiamond particles DND contain highly-stable nitrogen-vacancy N- V centers , making it important for quantum-optical and biotechnology applications.

However, due to the small particle size, the N- V concentrations are believed to be intrinsically very low, spawning efforts to understand the formation of N- V centers and vacancies, and increase their concentration. Here we show that vacancies in DND can be detected and quantified using simulation-aided electron energy loss spectroscopy. Based on this experimental finding, we use ab initio calculations to predict that about one fifth of vacancies in DND form N- V centers.

The ability to directly detect and quantify vacancies in DND, and predict the corresponding N- V formation probability, has a significant impact to those emerging technologies where higher concentrations and better dispersion of N- V centres are critically required. Aaltonen, T. Culliton v.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ordered the defendant hospital to designate the plaintiffs as parents on the birth certificates of their genetic children, delivered at the defendant hospital by a gestational carrier.

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Steven and Marla Culliton entered into a gestational surrogacy agreement with Melissa Carroll to have embryos which were created by in vitro fertilization with the plaintiffs' own sperm and ova, implanted in the carrier. Before the children's births the plaintiffs requested a declaration of paternity and maternity and an order directing the hospital to enter the plaintiffs' names in the children's birth certificates.

The Family Court dismissed the complaint, citing lack of authority to issue any prebirth order of parentage. On appeal, the Supreme Judicial Court held that the Family Court had the authority to consider the complaint because the plaintiffs were the only genetic sources of the children, and neither party contested the complaint. Because the children were born while the case was on appeal, the Supreme Judicial Court entered judgment for the plaintiffs and ordered that they be listed as the mother and father of the children on their birth records.

The Supreme Judicial Court also held that the defendant hospital was still required to supply the state Department of Health with confidential information regarding the identity of the woman who delivered the children and "her prenatal health, labor and delivery, and postpartum care and condition" under the hospital's duties and responsibilities to report vital records information for research and public health purposes. Huddleston v. Infertility Center of America.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court held that a surrogate mother could sue a surrogacy clinic for the sperm-donor father's murder of the child she bore. One month after delivery, the child died from severe brain and head injuries caused by his biological father. The court held that a "special relationhsip" exists between a surrogacy business, its client-participants, and the child which is born.

In this "special relationship" the surrogacy business has an affirmative duty to protect the surrogate mother and child from foreseeable harm. The court held that child abuse was a legally foreseeable harm in the surrogacy business, but whether child abuse leading to death is forseeable under a particular set of acts is a jury question. This is deep enough to probe the old red-giant population and in turn to estimate the l, b distribution of faint X-ray point sources such as coronally active binaries and cataclysmic variables. If normalized with the ratios in the outer region 1.

This indicates that a significant part of the Galactic- center diffuse emission arises from a truly diffuse optically thin thermal plasma, and not from an unresolved collection of faint X-ray point sources related to the old stellar population. These measurements were performed using pp collision data corresponding to integrated luminosities of 4.

The measured signal strength, at this mass, and with all of the categories combined, is 1.

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A precision measurement of the W boson decaying to muon-neutrino charge asymmetry at a center of mass energy of 1. This dissertation describes a measurement of the muon charge asymmetry from W boson decays. The charge asymmetry provides useful information about the momentum distribution of u and d quarks inside the proton.

In the Tevatron, protons and antiprotons collide with a center of mass energy of 1. The signal consists of one high transverse momentum muon and missing transverse energy while the background which comes from other events also producing a high transverse momentum muon. As the charge asymmetry depends on the number of positive and negative muons from the W boson decay in each bin of pseudorapidity, the background are removed. This is the first approved result for the W charge asymmetry from DO.

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Results are presented at the particle-level, permitting comparisons to multiple Monte Carlo event generator tools.