29 thousand sex offenders on myspace

I hope, for her sake, that she doesn't have six or more sex toys.

To the lawsuit mobile! I'd just like to second the comment about real names and Myspace. Is someone planning to break the law on the internet really going to be dumb enough to not learn the first thing about internet security? No, wait, don't answer that, it will only depress me. Population statistics demand it. Or the New York megacity, but that's apparently not as cool aorund here.

Congrats ABC News for reporting on how FOX mistakenly thinks someone is a sex offender while at the same time you make a lot of people think she's marrying a sex offender. I would say myspace has damaged her reputation. Time for a legal battle followed by a nice fat payout. At 17, dated my girlfriend's 12 year old sister, then attempted to rape my then-girlfriend.

Listed as a sex offender until for third degree sexual assault of a minor Suck it, Joey, you utter waste of carbon. Just a quick edit; feel free to bash my abuse of grammar.

Glad to read I wasn't the only one that had to scan the caption 5 times before I realized the guy wasn't the sex offender. Cardillo, who called the initial match an"unfortunate circumstance," said that the database worked exactly as intended. You mean reporting someone to Colorado officials as being a sex offender when they're not? Its the Robocop of softwares! It seems like the solution for this, and the no-fly list, is to require everyone to have a unique name. We could set up some sort of registry for the purpose of assuring each person has a unique name. They could charge a small yearly fee for the service so we don't have to increase taxes.

20 Youths Suspended In MySpace Case

Joey's brother. Arrested for attempted rape of a minor. Got caught waiting outside a cafe for a 14 year old to fark. Strega: To the lawsuit mobile!

LifeLock Responds to Article About Founder

This would be a justified lawsuit potentially. If this isn't nipped in the bud she'll be farked for quite awhile by it. So they forbid sex offenders on myspace why only myspace? Double standard, no? Obscured by Clouds. Glass Parking Lot. Miami-based security company There's you problem right there. Florida and data bases go together like oil and water. Kyle Texas. Yeah, ugh, it's a bear This is just the tip of the iceberg. Of course we get upset when this pure as the driven snow female is mistaken for a sex offender, but just shrug and keep walking when we hear about people being assaulted because their neighbors think they are sex offenders.

Just a name match isn't enough to be a sure match. Myspace just exhibited pure sloppiness in the matter, and could use some training on what it is to be EXACT, not just 'close enough'.

20 Youths Suspended In MySpace Case - CBS News

Exactly as intended, eh? Let's see here A reasonable person might assume that the database was intended to give correct results with no false positives or false negatives. For full information of Slander or Libel please see the Man that understands the law better than the law understands itself. Leonard J. I'd recommend him or Paul Harvey.

WTF: Previewing comment Missed it by that much.

The Sydney Morning Herald

There's no way for me to verify what you say and frankly, if I wanted to know, I'd look it up. Even if you aren't breaking any law, you're just generally being a dick in trying to take something into your own hands that you shouldn't. As you yourself said the law already dealt with them I'm assuming, again I have no way of verifying this. I'm pretty sure their punishment didn't include having you post their pictures around for "the sake of the children" or whoever you think you're helping.

Mods, I'm amazed you didn't delete these posts but hey, this ain't my place, I just hate to see it decline with this ass-hat move from a user. For all I know, these could be two guys who picked on you over at Slashdot or something.

Child-on-Child Sexual Violence in the United States

Looked it up here.. State of Wisconsin. Right, because slashdot is all about having pictures in your profile. This thread is archived, and closed to new comments. The U. House on Tuesday passed legislation to crack down on the fraudulent use of spyware, setting a five year sentence for anyone caught using the subversive software "in furtherance" of a federal criminal offense.

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