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Unfortunately, there's no magic bullet search that will help you find who you're looking for if the person hasn't left any records of who they are in the public domain. Knowing how to use a web search engine like Google is one of the best ways to quickly find people for free.

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Employing a search engine like that will broaden your search across multiple sites at once and raise the chances that you'll find something useful. Most of the time, simply typing a phone number into your favorite search engine area code included can turn up accurate results, whether it be for a business or residential phone number.

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However, sometimes a phone directory—a specialized site that offers vast indexes of published phone numbers with accompanying information—can really come in handy. Finding an obituary online can sometimes be tricky because physical newspapers publish obits and they don't always get uploaded to the web. However, with a little bit of searching, the following websites can potentially help you track down exactly who or what you're looking for.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number Online - Free Phone Number Lookup by Name

Most businesses offer an amazing amount of information online, but it's only helpful if you know where to look. All kinds of data is available, from phone numbers and addresses to board member biographies.

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You might not think much about it when trying to find people online, but there are several things to remember during your search:. If you found your own information online, please know that you can request to have it removed so that others won't also be able to dig it up. Share Pin Email. He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire.

People Finder Overview

Updated September 25, Here are some resources to help:. Web Search Tricks Everyone Should Know : General tips for how to search the web, which you'll need when looking up names and locations. Best Search Engines List : Google isn't the only search engine that can find people online. Use another one if results from Google aren't helpful.

TruePeopleSearch : One of the best and fastest people search tools you can use for free, this site lets you find people by name, number, and address, and includes those details plus email addresses, associated names, possible relatives and associates, and more.

ZabaSearch : Another way to search for people for free by name, physical address, or phone number, is through the ZabaSearch people search site. Your Family : Online since , this people search tool lets you find missing family members and start genealogy research. Their family records database is one of the largest on the web.

Free Phone Number Lookup By Name

Facebook : Believe it or not, Facebook is a great way to find people online. It lets you find and connect with people you know or used to know, friends of friends, and complete strangers.

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PeekYou : Search someone's online presence, find people by username or phone number, and verify someone's age. FastPeopleSearch : Run a fast people search on this site, by name, phone, or physical address. It finds those details and others like whether the person is married, where they used to live, past cell numbers, birth date, email addresses, and more. Some directory listings on Whitepages are free, but some contact information and background reports have a fee.

In addition, you can edit your own personal contact information on the Whitepages. Online directory assistance sites like Whitepages are largely credited with putting an end to those large, printed phone books that people used to search through manually. There are other good online phone book sites in addition to Whitepages. The name and location search on Whitepages lets you find a street address and phone number for someone in any U.

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Search results also show directory assistance listings for family and neighbors, and a street map of the person's neighborhood. If you have a ten-digit phone number for a person or business located in the United States, then you can do a free reverse phone number search on Whitepages.

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  • However, the reverse phone lookup works best if the person or business is still using a landline phone number. Unfortunately, there aren't many free listings on Whitepages that include cell phone number information for people. You can search any street address in the United States with the reverse address lookup on Whitepages. The Whitepages address search also shows a Google street map for the neighborhood around the address that you search for and marks the phone book listings for people who live nearby. Here is a state-by-state list of white pages telephone directories for all 50 states in the U.