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Now that you understand the seven traits of a true, authentic Montessori education, be proactive and ask direct questions when researching schools for your child. The bottom line: if you want your child to receive the amazing benefits of Montessori, you have to be a discerning parent! Friend's Email Address. Your Email Address. Send Email. Bergamo Montessori Schools Blog.

Why is this important? A true Montessori program has highly trained teachers, specific learning materials and a carefully planned curriculum that will help your child: Learn cooperative social skills Develop self-control Learn to take initiative Develop an analytical mindset And, most importantly, develop a lifelong joy, love and excitement for learning Do you want these outcomes for your child? Teacher Tenure : Ask how long each teacher and assistant have worked at the school.

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High turnover in staff will damage your child and to the program itself. Length of Class Time : Authentic Montessori programs have a three-hour uninterrupted work period each morning. During this three-hour session, your child will receive lessons from his or her teacher and is never interrupted to join all-class exercises over self-chosen activities.

Individualized Curriculum: A true Montessori program supports the individual development of your child. This is very different from a one-size-fits-all curriculum that suggests all children are ready to do the same thing at the same time because they are a particular age. In an authentic Montessori classroom, the curriculum conforms to your child instead of your child having to conform to the curriculum. Calm and Peaceful Classrooms: A good Montessori classroom is calm and peaceful. You will see many children deep in concentration as they choose an activity and work with it for a good long time.

Other children are moving in the classroom as they choose an activity and sit down to work, but the movement in the classroom is slow and purposeful. A Beautiful Classroom Environment : Montessori classroom environments are exquisitely prepared with materials laid out by subject on long, low shelves. The materials will be clean and beautiful and alluring to the child.

You will see a lot of materials made of wood and glass and natural fibers. You will rarely, if ever, see plastic. First, it is colorful and simple. Next, it allows for multiple kids' gear. This artwork is perfect to add to a child's Montessori bathroom area. The prints serve as great reminders, too! I love the bright colors and fun font. Faucet extenders are a key component of a child's Montessori bathroom and one Montessori at Home product that I have touted in the past and continue to do so! Same goes for the light switch extender.

Perhaps THE easiest item to add to your home, the light switch extender packs a big punch and helps the child's developing independence and confidence. I recently added nail brushes to our bathrooms.

It is as though my boys dig their fingers into dirt all day long. In addition to developing a nail cutting routine, the nail brush helps a ton to keep little fingers clean not to mention it harkens back to Montessori's traditional handwashing lesson. This dispenser is adorable and inviting to any child. Honestly, I prefer touchless soap dispensers for obvious reasons. How can you pass this frog soap dispenser up? If you can't get the wall mirror to be at eye level, offer a stool or a hand-held mirror for the child to use.

Montessori Programmes

I have three boys and I encourage them to clean up after themselves on a daily basis. I personally like Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. We keep toilet bowl cleaner, cleaning wipes, and multi-surface cleaner in the bathroom cabinet for the boys to use. This post includes the BEST toddler bedtime routine charts. I spent months researching and scouring the internet and beyond to find the most beautiful and most effective toddler bedtime routine charts out there!

Because establishing a routine is ridiculously important to child development and your family mental health. Learning self-control and empathy. Learning how to be a friend and interact with others. These are all very BIG things for kids. The author of this best selling bedtime routine checklist makes it easy to customize for your child and your family.

She designs the product with cute and simple visual icons to make it easy for a toddler to follow. The design of this checklist is straightforward and easy on the eye. The illustrations are colorful and simple. This checklist won't overwhelm you or your toddler. I like the active voice in this checklist letting a child know that it is time to take action on his routine. Plus the colors remind me of superheroes and who doesn't love to think about superheroes especially when tackling an evening routine?

By the same author a few checklists up, I chose to display this product because of the format. Having cards allows the parent variations on how to use. For example, you could laminate the cards, put velcro on the back, use clips, and so on. There are a variety of ways to implement these handy routine cards into your nighttime system. I appreciate the color scheme and the inviting tone of this product. Kids love magnets and a magnetic routine chart works extremely well in any home.

Toddlers can easily keep track of their progress by moving a magnetic card from one side of the routine chart to the other side. Super easy for kids to use! I couldn't resist this beautiful evening routine chart. So inviting to kids.

10 Big Differences between Montessori and Traditional Education

The colors are calm and peaceful while the illustrations make you want to be a part of the scene. If you want to keep exploring, check out this list of 12 Brilliant chore charts for kids! My criteria for an exceptional Montessori mobile is pretty straightforward. The mobile needs to be simple, inviting to the eye, and be a calming presence in a baby's room.

Generally speaking, a Montessori bedroom should be soothing, minimalistic, beautiful to the eye, neat, orderly, and made up of high-quality materials. Well, the good news is that there are baby steps you can take to begin curated a baby's nursery that meets Montessori ideals. I am happy that I can be a part of that journey with you. There are three basic visual Montessori mobiles. I've included additional mobiles falling within the same category. The three Montessori mobiles are Munari, Octahedron, and Gobbi.

I love the blues, greens, and yellows within this inviting mobile. Perfect for a boy's or a girl's nursery. The Munari mobile stimulates and develops the visual cortex, prefrontal, and parietal portions of the developing brain in newborns.

Bergamo Montessori Schools Blog

The youngest children 0 — 12 weeks should explore the Munari mobile and is certainly welcomed into development as long as the child continues to show interest. I want this mobile for above my bed! A well-known concept in the Montessori world, this Gobbi mobile does not disappoint. What is Gobbi, you ask? There is something soothing about nature and this mobile fits the bill. After the baby has perceived basic shapes from the Munari mobile, the Octahedron is just perfect to give them an idea of basic colors.

Another mobile, the second to be specific, in the Montessori visual series.

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The mobile consists of three basic colors blue, yellow, and red. Similar impacts as Munari, this visual stimulates a child's developing brain while introducing an intriguing pinwheel shape. I hope you enjoyed this list of Montessori mobiles.

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