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Sherman there. Consulted a Psychiatrist. Some time after his 50th birthday, Costello consulted a psychiatrist.

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He had all the money and power a man might want, a devoted wife, a choice apartment on Central Park West and a country estate at Sands Point,. But he felt the want of something he could not name, much less buy. The psychiatrist named it for him—social acceptance by persons other than racketeers and a certain type of politician.

Costello took to appearing at the better hotels and the more solid clubs. He had daily manicures and massages there, frequented its dining rooms, and had his own corner at one end of the men's bar, where he held his afternoon conferences and was pointed out to visitors. His voice, still gritty from a cancer arrested years before, became a rough whisper.

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He cherished the sobriquet Uncle Frank, as if it made him, an elder statesman or benefactor. Housewives across the nation left unwashed breakfast dishes and work in many offices came to a standstill as milliont turned to television sets to watch Costello's nervous hands, as his rasping voice sought to give answers devoid of inforniation.

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Finally, pleading a sore throat, he walked out of the hearing, Although he returned after two days to give some desultory answers, his walk out led to the contempt citation. Not even the Senate committee was able to put together a complete picture of Costello's varied illicit and legitimate activities. Through other witnesses it traced many of his criminal connections.

The Kefauver committee said that he, Joe Adonis and Meyer Lansky formed the New York Miami axis of a combination of racketeers working across tie nation. Costello was convicted in in a second trial, after one juror held out for a hung jury in the first trial, United States Attorney Myles J. For Costello it was indeed turning point. Later in the same year the Government began its proceedings to strip him of citizenship.

On the night of May 2, , out on bail, Costello entered the lobby of his apartment house. A revolver blasted and blood streamed from the racketeer's scalp. They found also the unisted home telephone number of the former lieutenant of guards at the Federal Detention headquarters here, where he had served part of his time. Costello refused to answer questions of a grand jury about the gambling slip and said he never got a glimpse of his assailant.

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Costello's influence was not cut off by imprisonment. In ate , his lawyer visited him in the Federal House of Detention here. It was world series week, and money didn't mean a thing. The penalties for subsequent offenses are stiffer. A repeat offender with a higher blood-alcohol level faces even higher penalties. Tammy L.

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Dale Anson, 27, D St. William K.

Satterwhite, 30, Renton, keeping a dwelling to violate uniform controlled substance act; 30 days converted to hours of community service; 12 months probation; Judge Leonard W. Jimmy P. Ebasco, 26, Corfu The following persons were sentenced in Kitsap County Superior Court recently.

Brian William Gross, 19, Roosevelt, Port Orchard, possession of marijuana and second-degree incest; one year in county jail on each count to run consecutively with credit given for 36 days previously served; one year Roxanne Elizabeth Bryant, 35, Sixth St. Michael Douglas Rhodes, 24, B Lupin Lane, Silverdale, attempted second degree assault; six months in county jail with credit for 31 days served; one year probation with conditions; Judge Karen B. A first-time offender can draw from one day to one year in jail, pay Internet Explorer. Apple Safari.

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