Finding my ip address windows xp

How to get your IP address in Windows XP

Please advise your soonest thank you! If it did not work for you you did something wrong. The instructions were laid out very simply. Pal Trend. Sherise Loper. So which should i use? Daniel Sczepansky.

Most likely you want to use the public IP address when you want to let somebody connect from an outside network like the internet. You use the internal IP something starting with … or 10… or … when you want to connect to your PC from a device inside your network. John Mayer. That was pretty useful article though.

Advanced IP Scanner

Thanks, I found my IP address right away thanks to your directions. Now I just need to find what Port means and what the answer is so I can finish installing an app.

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Related Items: how to , microsoft , Windows 7 , windows vista. Windows 7 might present you with a User Account Control window asking you for permission to continue. Click Continue to move on.

A Local Area Connection Properties window will open. Click Install. Windows Vista might present you with a User Account Control window asking you for permission to continue.

General network access / IP address considerations (including Wi-Fi)

The System Preferences window will open. In the Network window: In the Location drop-down window, select Automatic. Select Ethernet at left. The Ethernet window will appear. Click Apply , then close the Network window.