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If old addresses appear on the web, it may be that the person is non-compliant. It is the sole responsibility of the offender to provide current information to local law enforcement. Contact your local law enforcement.

The local agencies are responsible for verifying the address and providing ALEA with any changes. An offender is placed on the website only upon conviction and release through probation or end of sentence. If the offense was a first conviction for Indecent Exposure or Sexual Misconduct, the offender will not appear on our site. An offender adjudicated as a juvenile unless the juvenile was assessed as High Risk or youthful offender unless the youthful offender was over 18 at the time of the offense is not posted on the website.

If an adult sex offender was convicted out of state, in a federal or military court, or on an Indian Reservation, the individual will not be posted to the website until completion of a due process hearing in some cases.

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There may be several reasons for this. If convicted out-of-state, they are not subject until after a due process hearing is completed in some cases.

Or the offender may have been residing in the neighborhood before you moved into the community and there are no on-going notifications. Yes, as long as the offender does not exceed the time necessary to complete the intended task. Leadership Maury Mitchell Director. Email Us Events Request. Frequently Asked Questions Can a sex offender live with a minor or have contact with a minor?

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How often do we update our website? How do I report someone who is living too close to a school, daycare, or who is not at the address displayed on the web? When is a sex offender placed on our website?

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Why is a particular offender not on the website who was convicted for a sex crime? They usually have one or more victims and may have committed prior crimes of violence. They may not know their victim s. The crime may show a manifest cruelty to the victim s and these offenders usually deny or minimize the crime. These offenders commonly have clear indications of a personality disorder.

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If the victim is a minor and not related to the offender then the offender is required to register for this offense. Skip to main content Sheriff.

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This page contains information regarding the sex offender registration process. What are the different sex offender levels and what do they mean? Level 1. Level 2.

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Level 3. The King County Sheriff's Office is not responsible for the sex offender rating completed by another law enforcement agency.