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Once the information is gotten, these investors start taking the necessary step to invest in properties close by. Go to places where people want to live or aspire to live in. These people might choose a place due to the aesthetic environment that speaks class or they could choose to live there because there are more job opportunities within the vicinity.

A lot of people have mentioned that the island in Lagos has much more job opportunities than the mainland and for that, they choose to move to the island irrespective of the cost of accommodation. Looking further into this, you will discover that people find some places appealing due to cultural activities and attractive outdoor.

People also want to live in places that provide a solid road network and a high quality of life.

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You can bring an old property up to the current standard of the properties around it in order to boost your income. It does not matter what kind of property you invest in but the location and the forecast of a high return on investment matters. You can always fix your property to work for your benefits. Give people what they want and they will help you grow wealth.

Many of these neighborhoods can sometimes have a natural geographic boundary that may limit the availability of land which makes you not to make necessary expansions for your property. When finding real estate opportunities, use the yardsticks provided above but also keep an open mind about what makes an area or an asset unique.

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Real estate investing is mostly about creating value. Apart from adding value to properties, you can also add value to sellers, buyers, and tenants in order to get the best deals. You can put in the best work, build better relationships, and most importantly, knowing when you spot a good opportunity when it appears. Working or partnering with professional realtors can also make this fun for you because they will also be on the lookout for opportunities that you can invest in and yield a good return on your investment.

DPKay Homes is the leading real estate company in Nigeria and we are always ready to have a talk with you in order to put you through every investment process. We have an eye for looking up opportunities that can suit your investment plan. Our Mission Statement To provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious. Follow Us. Become a Consultant. Follow Us:.

4 Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate

The 3 Biggest Benchmarks to Spot Real Estate Opportunities The decline in the Home Ownership Rate There has always been a major change in the rate of home ownership and some homeowners are now tenants under other homeowners. Job Growth It is smart to get all the information regarding which industries dominate the area you want to invest in.

Go to the Local Markets Go to places where people want to live or aspire to live in. Conclusion DPKay Homes is the leading real estate company in Nigeria and we are always ready to have a talk with you in order to put you through every investment process. These companies pool investor funds to purchase and manage commercial real estate.

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By purchasing a share of a REIT, your investment is spread across several assets. Returns are distributed in the form of a dividend. Real estate exchange-traded funds ETFs are like mutual funds. But instead of stocks and bonds, the fund manager buys shares in REITs. The main advantage of investing in a real estate ETF is diversification -- the fund manager selects various companies across multiple commercial real estate sectors.

Returns are paid to investors as dividends. Many real estate ETFs invest in similar mixes of REITs, though they vary in the number of shares owned, resulting in varied rates of return. Residential real estate is a property with one to four units. This might be a condo, townhome, garage apartment, single-family home, duplex, triplex, or fourplex. Investors in residential rentals rent them to tenants over a set period -- typically one year or more. Ideally, the income from the property exceeds expenses, creating positive monthly cash flow. Residential rentals are common strategies for real estate investments.

Owning a residential rental can be simpler than owning other property types, like commercial real estate. Buying residential real estate is an active form of investing, as the investor is directly involved in the process of finding, acquiring, and managing the investment -- including tenants. Hiring a third-party management company minimizes your involvement but doesn't eliminate all obligations. Although this can be profitable, it requires significant time and effort. Plan on at least a few thousand dollars, but know that some lenders require tens of thousands.

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However, there are ways to buy a property with little money down. When most people think of investing in real estate, they think of flipping houses.

What's A Realistic R.O.I On Real Estate?

Rehabbing or "fixing and flipping" is the process of buying a property in need of repairs at below market value and improving the property to increase its value. Although TV shows make it seem simple, rehabbing a property that produces a profit is no easy job. It's an active investment strategy that requires time and effort to find new investment opportunities, negotiate acquisition, manage contractors, keep costs down, and sell the property quickly.

Remember that you only get money when you buy, fix up, and sell a property. And, although you might see profits that range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars in a few months, it's easy to lose money doing this, as well. Vacation rentals are becoming a popular real estate investment vehicle largely due to the rise of home-sharing companies like VRBO and Airbnb.

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A vacation rental can be a room or a home that's rented for a short term, often nightly or weekly. It can be a great way to generate cash flow. The success of a vacation rental is largely based on the location, amenities, and quality of the property. Short-term rental demand in the area also plays a major role.

Owning vacation rentals requires time spent managing online listings, communicating with potential renters, managing calendars for bookings, and ensuring check-in and turnover are handled effectively. This type of rental property has a higher vacancy rate than other rental types and is restricted in some places. Commercial real estate CRE is used for business purposes, such as retail or office space.

Industrial buildings, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and assisted living facilities also fall into this category. Commercial real estate is costlier than residential real estate, often requiring a greater down payment. There's usually more property to manage, too. Investors in CRE need to dedicate ample time to learning how to properly invest in and manage the asset class before finding, buying, and managing an asset.

With the larger upfront cost and significant time and effort required, many choose to invest in commercial real estate through alternative methods, such as REITs, ETFs, partnerships, or crowdfunding.

Real estate crowdfunding connects accredited investors with investment opportunities. These deals pool money from multiple investors to fund a real estate investment. The asset is owned and operated by the sponsor and the sponsor's management team, making this a passive investment. Investors get returns in multiple ways, including dividends and preferred returns over time. Crowdfunding is a risky investment option and many variables affect the quality of an investment. If you're interested in this avenue of investing, take a look at our complete guide to crowdfunding to determine whether it's right for you.

There are times when specific avenues of real estate investing may be better than others because of current market conditions, but rarely is there one "best" way to invest over the long haul. The current investment fad may not be the best investment in 10 or 20 years. There's no perfect model for investing. People have different financial goals, means, areas of interest, and specialties.

If you hate managing people and have a poor eye for design, rehabbing probably won't be good for you. If you're short on time and can't consistently find and review investment opportunities, never mind manage one, maybe real estate ETFs or REITs are better.

In general, the goal of investing is to build wealth over time and find investment opportunities that provide stable growth, income, and returns.