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Birth Index Cook Washington Co. Ancestry Floyd Co. No Published. Not Published. Summer No Published. This page lists public record sources in Russell County, Kentucky. Additional resources can be found on our Kentucky State Public Records page, on city pages, and on topic pages using the navigation above.

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Search Public Records by Name. First Name:. Last Name:. View detailed county map. D en er , white, male, born alive on May [possibly March; both interpretations very uncertain] 21 [or 31], Father: John J. Dener, born Adair Co. Mother: Elizabeth Acre [uncertain of surname interpretation], born Adair Co. Miller , white, male, born alive on July 8, Father: Hardin [uncertain of interpretation] Miller, born Wayne Co.

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Mother: Cela Miller [ very uncertain of surname interpretation], born Adair Co. Father: Charles Grider, born Adair Co. Mother: Mary Holt, born Adair Co. Turner , white, female, born alive on May 15, Turner, born Russell Co. Mother: Sarah Turner , born Adair Co. Turner , white, female, born alive on September 15, Mother: M. West, born Adair Co.

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Cunningham, born "Tenn". Mother: J. Dillingham, born "Adair Ky". Wheat , white, female, born alive on 7 April Wheat, born Russell Co.

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Mother: Mary White, born Adair Co. Lula Cravens , female, white, born alive on 30 August Cravens, born Russell Co. Conover born Adair Co. Sinc lar , white, female, born alive on 19 October Sinc lar , born Adair Co. Mother: C. Burton, born "Ind". Bradshaw , race not indicated, female, born alive on 16 June Father: I. Bradshaw, born Adair Co. Mother: Cytha Perryman, born Russell Co. Leach , white, female, born alive on June 6 [interpretation of date is uncertain], Father: M. Leach, born Adair Co. Mother: Emely Blair, born Adair Co.

Roy, born Russell Co. Mother: S. Collins, born Adair Co. Collins , white, male, born alive on August 22, Father: Abe Collins, born Adair Co. McFarland, born [appears to be] "Tenn". Bradshaw , white, male, born alive on October 14, Father: L. Coffey, born Wayne Co. Montgomery , white, male, born alive on February 26 [uncertain of date; very uncertain of month], Montgomery, born Adair Co. Moore, born Russell Co.

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Gosser , white, male, born alive on November 12, Father: H. Gosser, born Russell Co.

Kentucky Life in Russell County

Mother: Nancy Collins, born Adair Co. Thomas A. Father: James T. Jones, born Russell Co. Mother: Ann J. Murrell, born Adair Co. Father: John H. Mother: Susan Polly, born Russell Co. William E. Falkenburg , white, male, born alive on October 10, Father: F.


Falkenburg, born [appears to be] "Trum ble Co. Baker, born Adair Co. Sarah B. Father: E. Bryant, born Adair Co. Mother: [appears to be] Siby A.