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Zabasearch is very simple in appearance, on the homepage you only have a text box to enter your target's name along with an optional drop-down box of states.

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At the top are exact matches; if you searched for Bill Williams, you will see a listing of only various "Bill Williams". Lower down the page are matches with slight differences; if you searched for Bill Williams, you will see names such as "Bob Williams" or "Bill Williamson". A very useful feature if you are not positive of the exact spelling of your target's name. It is worth mentioning that if you are searching for a minor, there is a very good chance the free people search engines will not have any information on them.

If this is the case, try other options such as chat for kids , Myspace, or Facebook. Chat rooms are very popular with teens, so merely searching "chat for kids" will likely return a large supply of results, where you can then search their member listings.

Myspace and Facebook both also offer the ability to search through their members. There you have it, the solution to your people searching problems. With the above tools at your disposal, finding almost anyone should be a much quicker and easier task than it was before.

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What Is A People Search?

Remember: Our site is updated with new articles, ideas, and tips all the time. So check back often! Address Information. Sex Offenders. With a population of over million people, it is easy to lose touch with people in the US over the years as they move and change their contact info. Finding those long-lost relatives on your own can be tricky and time-consuming, but GoLookUp's revolutionary method of getting in touch with your loved ones has changed how we find people!

GoLookUp's system is based on cross-referencing information from millions of public records, allowing you to dig in deep and find information with ease. The website, established in , specializes in information mining from public records giving you the most accurate real-time info about people in the US. The easy-to-use search engine on GoLookUp's service can come in handy every time you want to find information about a person, and discover their contact details.

All you have to do to find a long-lost family member, a love interest you've lost touch with or even to find out who you are really speaking with on a dating website is to enter their first name, last name and state of residency. After you fill in the blanks, GoLookUp will do the rest of the work and give you details and contact information of an individual within minutes. It is no secret that we are living in an age of information where hundreds of millions of people have social media accounts that they use on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, searching for people on social media can come up empty and even using Google can leave you more confused than when you started. These two methods yield thousands if not millions of results on a single search, leaving you to fish out the information you were looking for.

This is where GoLookUp can save you a lot of time and headache.

The accurate search on the website yields results on a specific person, and not thousands of similar results. In addition, the fast and easy to use people search on the website can help you track down people according to the changes they made in their personal contact info. Another plus is that you have unlimited searches, meaning if you don't find a person the first time you try to, you have a second, a third and even a tenth chance to do so.

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The unlimited searches also allow you to find several people that you want to get in touch with and let them into your lives again. The opposite is also true — if through the people search you discover a certain person gave you false information, you can decide to steer clear of them for your safety.

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The vast amount of information collected by GoLookUp also allows you to discover important information about a person you can't find in any other way:. Records are combined by extensive background check information that include: criminal records, court records, marriage and divorce records, past addresses, emails, unclaimed money and other sensitive information that can not truly be accessed without a fee.

Real websites who provide valuable information require a fee. Aggregation of data and information can be rather costly and websites must pay to collect data and stand by the FCRA laws. Knowing information about other people you interact with can be vital to your safety. Whether you are dating a new person or trying to find out more information about a potential roommate, running a people lookup can help you better understand other people you come in contact with.

GoLookUp lets you perform a free lookup in less than one minute. However, to create an account you will have to become a member. With a GoLookUp account, you will be able to perform unlimited background checks, phone number searches, reverse email searches, unclaimed money searches and a lot more! So what are you waiting for? Start your search and decide on whether you would like to become a member or not! Finding contact information for someone has never been easier! We know that obtaining the right information on people can be hard. Many free websites offer limited details, but in order to obtain really accurate results, you will need to use a well-known search engine that specializes in people information.

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GoLookUp has been providing high-end services since With hundreds of millions of real-time records, you can be sure that you will be getting the best results available online. Your report will include: contact information, public information such as arrest records, court records, marriage and divorce records and other relevant information. Furthermore, once you create your GoLookUp account, you will be able to perform unclaimed money searches.

GoLookup lets you access all records, to see if some of it is yours! Additionally, you will be able to perform reverse email searches and reverse phone number searches. GoLookUp is more than just a people search engine and contact information phone book.

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Though you can perform unlimited people searches with your GoLookUp account, you can also search for unclaimed money that is available with local and state governments. Unclaimed money and missing money is simply uncollected money which has had no contact attached to it for a period of 12 months or more. GoLookUp people search account will allow you to perform unlimited reverse phone lookups. You can put a stop to spam callers or find out who your partner has been chatting with! GoLookUp reverse phone tool is a leading number tracking tool and always returns accurate information.

Spam happens not only via phone, but through emails as well. GoLookUp reverse email search will allow you to put a name onto any email address you input into the GoLookUp system!

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Your account will allow you to perform unlimited reverse email lookups! Keeping your family safe has never been easier with GoLookUp sex offender search. You can now search 1 million registered sex offenders, view their mugshots, and discover their current and previous address of living! Running a sex offender search is easy. The sex offender search is unlimited and available with your GoLookUp account! GoLookUp collects arrest records from sheriff departments across the United States. You will be able to perform a criminal records search with GoLookUp arrest records lookup tool, viewing mugshots, offenses, crimes and felonies!

Our system updates arrest records daily, so make sure you come back and check for arrest records regularly. GoLookUp is the best background check service available online. Our system collects court records, criminal records, mugshots records and other relevant public records related to any person in the United States. You can perform unlimited background checks with your people search account easily.

Simply enter first and last names, and GoLookUp system will do the rest! Searching for individuals is great, but what if you could search for the companies they work for and get complete information on any company in the United States? Information such as salaries, company revenue and products? GoLookUp lets you search for companies in the United States and get all their inside information such as funding rounds and employees who work there!