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How can I transfer ownership if I sell or trade my vehicle? Sell a motor vehicle that does not require a title?

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I have lost or misplaced my title. How can I obtain a duplicate? What is the difference between a registration permit and title?

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Where can I go to get my salvage vehicle inspected? Who can I contact if I have questions regarding a title? What is a title? A title is a secure document issued by the DMV which represents ownership of a motor vehicle. What vehicles are not required to be titled? New Hampshire does not title motor vehicles that have a model year of or older. Certain vehicles are considered " exempt. I have moved to New Hampshire, and my title is held by a lien holder. How can I obtain a New Hampshire title?

Vehicles That Don’t Require Titling According to

A historic registration may also be issued to a truck with a GVWR in excess of 10, pounds, a tractor or a motor home as long as the vehicle is 25 calendar years old or older. The vehicle cannot be substantially altered, remodeled or remanufactured from its original design. Vehicles issued historic tags under these criteria cannot be used for occasional transportation, or for any commercial transportation of passengers or property on highways. A historic vehicle in this category must be insured by a Historic Vehicle, Show Vehicle, or Antique Vehicle insurance policy.

If your historic vehicle is 60 years old or older, you may obtain a permanent, non-transferable registration for a one-time fee. Note : A historic motor vehicle 60 years old or older do not qualify for a special registration plates since they require an annual registration fee.

To be registered as a low speed vehicle class D , your vehicle must:. A low speed vehicle cannot be used on a roadway for which the posted speed limit exceeds 30 miles per hour or on an expressway or another controlled access highway. To be registered as a street rod class N , your vehicle must:. A vehicle registered as a street rod cannot be used for general daily transportation, or primarily for the transportation of passengers or property on highways.

If a rollback truck will also be used for purposes other then transporting vehicles, the vehicle will be assigned Class TE and must carry a gross vehicle weight rating GVWR. A registered tow truck is subject to the weight restrictions posted on restricted bridges, and to all applicable statutory weight and size restrictions.

To register a vehicle as a van pool vehicle class J , it must have a seating capacity for no less than seven 7 and no more than fifteen 15 passengers, including the driver. Further, the van must be used to provide van pool services, defined as a non-profit commuter service that:. A van pool registration must be renewed annually and requires a new Maryland Safety Inspection Certificate. Vanpool vehicle owners must certify that they are carrying 5 times the standard Maryland insurance requirements. Note: On July 1, all businesses wishing to title a vehicle will be required to show proof of the legal existence of the business.

ALERT: Title and Registration Secrets - Watch This Video Before You Register Your Flipper Car

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If for example the name is Lien-free it indicates your title is alone on the title And that the vehicle is owned by you outright.